[Code] Guilds

From: Andy Hubbard (hub@leicester.ac.uk)
Date: 02/12/97

Hi all

 I am trying to incorporate Billy Chans guild code snippet into 
3.0bpl11.  I seem to have run into a problem though ...
After a few hacks I managed to get the mud compiled and back up and 
running OK,  but it seems that the .gld file is not being read into 
the world.
Typing show guilds gives an output full of nulls and zeros for where 
the guild format should be.
'score' reveals that you in in guild (null) etc.
Trying the join command with the guildmaster of the class you are 
already reveals that 'You are already a member ...'

 I'd like to think I was close, because this looks like a cool snippet 
(as are most of them!).
 If anyone has tried to include this snippet and has any suggestions, 
I would be in your debt :)

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