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From: Shaw J (
Date: 02/12/97

Daniel Koepke wrote:
> On Mon, 10 Feb 1997, Shaw J wrote:
> > I have two ideas I want to add, but I need help... maybe just some
> > advise for me and my coders.
> >
> > First I want to modify the timing in battle. Correct me if I'm wrong but
> > you can do many actions of some and only one of others... like if you
> > kick that is your action, but you can get 5 breads from your bag between
> > rounds.  Now what I want to modify is with potions.  I do not want the
> > potions to count as a one use action between rounds, so one can quaff 3
> > healing potions and kick between one round, or quaff potions until the
> > time runs out between the round.  I hope this makes sense
> The above is wrong.  Most skills delay combat for a particular person
> (eg., that person doesn't hit during the delay) for one or two combat
> rounds, in which you can type commands but they won't execute until
> after the delay.

Thanks for the help with the other thing, it looks easy..  but what I
mean above is that a character can get 4 breads and kick between rounds
but he cannot quaff 4 potions and kick, after the first potion he cannot
do anything else in that segment between rounds.

So I want these to be options:

Previous attack
-get potion bag
-quaff potion
-kick fido
Next attack


Previous attack
-quaff potion
-quaff potion
-quaff potion
-cas 'magic' fido
Next attack

I hope I am doing ok explaining my ideas :)

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