Re: [CODE] Automatic MOB settings for Oasis

From: Dalamar (
Date: 02/13/97

> I understand that a lot of implementors hesitate in changing the world
> file structures as it makes it easier to attach public domain areas to
> a mud.  However, with the push for unique world databases, it might
> be more beneficial to rework your mob strcuture completely, elliminating
> the fields you no longer need, and replacing them with new ones.
> For, example, you might ditch exp, gold, hit points, damage, etc.
> and replace them with size, attack type, defense type, mob class,
> etc. and then have exp, hit points, thac0, AC and the like
> dependant on these new fields.  
> Suddenly you don't have to worry about a builder assigning 1000000 exp
> to a Fido.
> -Eric
That's a really good idea.  Has anyone implemented this code or something
similar to it?

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