Re: [CODE] Automatic MOB settings for Oasis

From: Eric Pilcher (
Date: 02/13/97

> I did this quick code a few months ago to have mobs' stats automatically
> configured by OasisOLC when a level is input.  This way I've achieved a
> nicer balance in the game, because all the builders make mobs pretty much
> the same way.  

I understand that a lot of implementors hesitate in changing the world
file structures as it makes it easier to attach public domain areas to
a mud.  However, with the push for unique world databases, it might
be more beneficial to rework your mob strcuture completely, elliminating
the fields you no longer need, and replacing them with new ones.

For, example, you might ditch exp, gold, hit points, damage, etc.
and replace them with size, attack type, defense type, mob class,
etc. and then have exp, hit points, thac0, AC and the like
dependant on these new fields.  

Suddenly you don't have to worry about a builder assigning 1000000 exp
to a Fido.

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