Re: Objects in OasisOLC

From: Rick Ballard (
Date: 02/13/97

Mike wrote:

>Hey Rick
>Don't's most likely you have not added the zone to the
>index (eg., 12.zon). Stock Circle is missing this zone in it's 
>default index or if you have created a new zone it needs to be
>added to the index.
>The index is located in your lib/world/zon path. If you open it
>up you will most likely see that zone <your_zone>.zon needs to be
>Hope that helps you....
>Mike - IMP Pulsar Mud

No, I checked the index and all the zone files are there. Anyway, it's 
not just one zone's objects that won't save-It's all of them! Also, when 
I try to create a new zone, Oasis often crashes! HEEELP!

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