Re: Killin bugs was 'Objects in OasisOLC'

From: Jörgen (
Date: 02/14/97

> > Even better:
> > Write your OLC.
> > You'll knwo what's there and you should be able to find all the bugs in 
> > your own code
> > *grins*
> Find all the bugs in *any* code?!!?!

Well, in a perfect world you should be able to find every bug in any code.
But since we're not in a perfect world, we will not find every bug in any code.
But its more likely to find the bugs in your own code than in any other code.
I mean, after all, you made your own code, you know what you thought when you 
wrote it.. (hopefully). 
But this is not a rule (that ppl find the bug in their own code). Microsoft
is a perfect example. How many years have they been around? Have they learned
anything? No.. For example, the filesystem in Win95 and DOS. Is it really a
filesystem? I strongly think its a bug. I mean, the dude who created it could
not have been thinkin straight at all. And now that they've made a totally
different filesystem (NTFS), it's so damn complex that its prone to contain
bugs (features some might say alt. glitches).

What I want to say is, keep it simple but not too simple.
Use your brain before you start hacking. I know it might sound boring to some
ppl, but believe me, you WILL find it easier to implement something that 
you've already modelled on paper. And if you have it on paper, you can easily
find the weak spots when bugs start to show up. It will help you to narrow
down the search for bugs.

Keep it simple, but not too simple!

// Zigg aka Jorgen
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