Re: win95 with linux?

From: Robert Sinland (
Date: 02/14/97

Garry Dolley wrote:
> > > I think I want to use a unix os through win95... does anyone do this?  I
> > > seem to remeber someone telling me they ran win95 and linux.  I just
> > > wanted to discuss this.
> > Hmm, this really gets to me.  LINUX is its own OS, it does not run
> > "THROUGH" win95, it runs totally independant.  I never used umsdos, but if
> > you set up a separate partition it should work fine.
> I run DOS 6.22, Windows 95, and OS/2 Warp 4 on the same machine and I
> could add Linux if I wanted =]  I have each OS in it's own partition and I
> use OS/2's Boot Manager to choose which one I want to boot up each time I
> turn on (or reboot) my computer.  Hope this clears things up =]
> -Garry
  Just to help ( I hope) clear up any confusion...
	I run Linux, Win95, and two flavors of NT
With Linux slackware you can install and run Linux in a regular dos dir
that linux will use for it's root dir. This is called UMSDOS, and to the
best of my knowlage niether Red Hat or Debian will allow this type of
install.  You can then use a boot manager such as NT's, OS/2's or the
included Lilo...or even boot linux  from DOS using loadlin. You still
have to boot linus as it's own OS though, not run it in a window under
95 or NT if that's what someone meant by that.  UMSDOS gives you a nice
chance to install and play with Linux without having to repartion or
format your HD, but is otherwise not recomended for continual usage. 
With the Slackware install you can also chose a minimal type of install
and run it mostly from the cd, though I never tried this.  There are
also at least two companies offering all three (the big three) versions
of Linux on one CD for $3.00.
	Now back to Mud code....
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