[Code] Walking about and creating rooms

From: Rasdan (thomajam@ucs.orst.edu)
Date: 02/15/97

Hey all,

I have just written and tested three new commands that are based on

REDWALK - Flags the person as walking, enabling them to create new rooms 
	  as they move about in the zone.

LINK    - An easier way to make connections between rooms, works great if
	  player is in redwalk mode.

UNLINK  - An easier way to remove connections between rooms, see above. :)

I have postem them to the ftp site, hope you all enjoy them.

	                   James C. Thomas Jr.
         thomajam@ucs.orst.edu            rasdan@necromium.com 

		If ya want to build, or code, check out:

		      finality.mudservices.com 5555

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