Re: Obuild addons questions/bugs.

From: Rasdan (
Date: 02/16/97

Hey all,

It has come to my attention that, when I included the code for redwalk, 
link, and unlink some things weren't copied and I did not remove the
structure members that are not a part of stock circle.

So here's a fix: (and the new version will be sent to ftp site tomorrow 

REMOVE THESE LINES FROM void create_room(struct char_data *ch, int dir)

          world[top_of_world].rm_flags = 0;
          world[top_of_world].falling_room = 0;
          world[top_of_world].falling_affect = 0;
          world[top_of_world].falling_value = 0;

In ACMD(do_link)

change these lines:

>     sprintf(buf, "Link Complete: This room one-way link to Room %d
> (%s)\r\n", to_room
>     send_to_char(buf, ch);


    sprintf(buf, "Link Complete: This room one-way link to Room %d (%s)\r\n",
        to_room, world[r_num].name);
    send_to_char(buf, ch);


Thanks Jussy for pointing the error out, a complete, fixed copy will be 
posted to ftp site tomorrow!

	                   James C. Thomas Jr.   

		If ya want to build, or code, check out: 5555

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