Re: [OLC]Trying to add OasisOLC to my win95 setup

From: sjm (
Date: 02/16/97

Thomas wrote:
> Hi, please help.   I am trying to add Oasis to my circle.  After I nmake
> everything goes fine until the end.  At this point, I get several
> unresolved externals
> ie..
> redit.obj  error unresolved external symbol _cyn

What I did is used the OasisOLC windows version.  You must use it on a
fresh circel30.  After you unzip circle but before you touch anything
copy the Oasis files into the src directory.  Then go there and change
the to conf.h but dont change the makefile since oasis
already had one ready for windows.  It should compile and run fine but
you might have some problems when you test it out, like using zedit new,
check out the other messages on the list I think I saw something that
will answer that.

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