Darklord's Obuild Comments

From: Laura Ree (laura@berkeley.sds.com.hk)
Date: 02/16/97

> >   Obuild sucks my dick hands down.. ohh not to mention sammis olc mud
> > NoMUD is no longer in existance..  I wander why..  (maybe a few people like
> > myself have the answers to that)

Obviously you have not taken the time to become adept at using obuild. As
a builder who uses it frequently I think its is by-far the best OLC I've
ever used. Once you learn the commands they make building easy and
Secondly whether or not you choose to use Obuild is a personal decision
but, we really dont' need your highly opinionated, useless criticism
posted here.
Many people use Oasis, many use Obuild, and some even use OLC's that they
have coded themselves... and sometimes we see postings about bugs, or
ideas to make them more efficient... I didn't see anything in your posting
of that type of criticism. If you have complaints about obuild (or any
other code that anyone has written) why don't you mail with ideas and
suggestions to make it better, changes you might like to see instead of
just saying that it sucks your dick -- cause that tells noone anything and
all it does is give people reason to want to flame you.
As for NoMUD ... first of all its not Samedi's mud, nor is it mine, but
both Samedi and I are among the Imps there...  NoMUD has gone thru its
share of olc bugs same as other muds,  and when Samedi makes a bug fix for
us -- a bug fix universal to obuild, atleast he has the decency to make it
available to everyone else out there.. he doesnt' have to do that you
As for if NoMUD is still in existance... well yes it is...but I'm not
inclined to advertise either right now.

To everyone else on the list...sorry this has been a bit long,  I'm a bit
ticked at what I read ....
Also if anyone else would like the new addie of NoMUD, you can email me
off list and I will be glad to give it to you. 
--Laura / Jabber

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