Re: Automatic MOB settings for Oasis

From: Daniel Koepke (
Date: 02/16/97

On Sun, 16 Feb 1997, Ray Campbell wrote:

> Ok, I realized what my problem is...thats one good thing, but (isn't
> there always one of these?) I don't have an xp() function, and
> truthfully I have no clue what it is or what it does, but if anyone has
> one could they please send it my way, I really could use this new medit
> function

You sure it's a function and not an undefined variable?  Perhaps you
should look for where 'xp' is used (in UNIX, "grep xp medit.c").  I
know Circle has 'exp', so perhaps it's just a simple typo.

Daniel Koepke
Forgive me father, for I am sin.

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