Next Idea :)

From: sjm (
Date: 02/16/97

Ok I got the races up and running, thanks to Nashak!!

Now I would like to change the level system, I know there is a little
doc for levels th ftp/circle, but I want to go alittle further and I
need some help...

I want to change the levels to max of 50 and at level 20 the characters
will have an option to dual class.  So what they would need to do is go
to the temple alter and be at least 20th level and type dual class 
where class is the class they would like to add.  Then their new class
would start at level 1.  From here on out their exp gained will be split
gaining 60% in the major class and 40% in the minor class. 

I would like some input on if this will be to hard to code or if someone
has done something similiar and would like to share their code or
anything :)

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