Re: [Advanced] Recurisve & Timed Delays question

From: DJ Pure (
Date: 02/16/97

> > 	I'm stuck here. I need to add some type of delay system in, which can
> > calculate how long is left in the delay and can recurisivly delay ....
> You mean like a WAIT_STATE() which means you can't do anything for X
> amount of seconds, or one which just counts down and lets you do some
> things?

	Like the second one. A delay system that lets you have the option to
cancel what your doing, or at least 'countdown'. I have this loop which
goes through a 2D array which is like this  :-

spell levels is 10 and you can learn up to (lets say) 20 spells max per
spell level.

Now in this array, all the spells that are greater than zero are the spell
numbers (ie bless = 3, armour = 1, etc) and for each spell it 'finds' it
then put's the spell into some sorta WAIT_STATE. It goes through the for
loop until the 2D array is done (ie, TWO for loops, the first for
spell_levels, the second for max_num...) and 'adds' each spell that needs
to be memorised into the 'delay thingy'. And once the dealy thingy is done,
it lists out how long it is for each spell / total mem time, or whatever.
BUT if the player wishes to stop meming/pray (attacked, hungry, thirsty,
nuked, whatever) then the delay must stop and all those commands that are
in the delay timer wiped or removed without being executed...

make sence ??? 

Any ideas peoples?

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