Re: [code] weapon_spell snippet

From: Ghost Shaidan (
Date: 02/16/97

I used the patch not only for weapons but for all objects and have had
VERY few problems with it (other than distinguishing - from = after many
coding hours, but i digress)

What kind of errors did you get?  When you patched it in did you get any
.rej files? (would you under win95?)

I've done all myst coding on bsdi and linux, so I am not very familiar
with win95 as a mud platform.  No promises, but if you post the errors up
here (from the syslog, or from a gdb) maybe we can let you know what it is
that happend

Ghost Shaidan
?able Sanity, 4000

On Sun, 16 Feb 1997, Kuan wrote:

> hi, i just patched in the weapon spell snippet downloaded from
> circle's archive site, well, initial test runs didn't go well.
> the mud crashed when loading the object index. i was wondering
> if anyone has tried this snippet before and whether if it works
> or not. as to why the mud crashed, i guess it has something to
> do with the memory struct of objects. any comments, suggestions
> etc is welcome. thanks alot.
> btw, i'm using win95 as developing o/s for my mud.
> kuan

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