Re: Mud Hanging when players enter

From: Andy Hubbard (
Date: 02/17/97

> Ok I have patched in the autoeq code from ftpcircle.  It seems to work
> sometimes, but the majority of the time the mud will hang whenever a
> players enters.  I have really noticed it when they enter with
> retrieving crash saved items.  And it seems like whenever they do enter
> sucessfully they are put into room #1: Limbo instead of the default...
> If anyone can help out it would be appreciated!
> Thanks,
> Shaw

Yes, I had this problem for a while.  It seems that in objsave.c 
there is a reference to ..

    if (!feof(fl))
      if ((obj = Obj_from_store_to(object, &locate))) {
      ch->in_room = 12;
 auto_equip(ch, obj, locate);

what to do with a new loaded item:

around line 485 (ish).
 It is the  'ch->in_room = 12;' line that seems to be the culprit.
In the patch this is  'ch->in_room = 1;'  (ie. limbo).  So just change that line to 
the RNum of you mortal_start_room (RNum not VNum!), and things should 
Keep an eye on this, I just added 1 room to the zone and this changed 
the RNum, which meant a crash.

 On the same patch, it seems that if an immort comes into the game 
with equiped items then he/she is loaded into the mortal_start_room, 
fully equiped.  But if the immort then goes to the immort_start_room 
then the mud hangs.  
 Any ideas??

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