[OFF-TOPIC] About this Obuild thread.

From: Josh Brittenham (beavis@MidIowa1.pcpartner.net)
Date: 02/17/97

Sorry everybody, I just had to give my 2 cents about this Obuild thing.  
I will be honest, I use Oasis for my mud, but I don't think that Obuild 
sucks, in fact I used it not to long ago.  The only thing I don't really 
like about it, is the fact that it's not menu driven, and my builders 
seemed to like that.  It wouldn't really matter to me because I code most 
of the time, and really don't do much building, but my users seemed to 
like Oasis better.  So Sammy, if you're reading this. :) :) I think a 
great thing to add was maybe some menus, or keep it the same way and make 
it so the person has the option of menu driven, or the way it is 
currently.  And about this guy who started the original post, saying that 
obuild sucks, only one word comes to mind.... moron... anyway, enough
with my spamming!:)

Thanks to whoever is reading this,

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