Helping newbie coders, how much effort to put?

From: Mehdi Keddache (
Date: 02/17/97


I'd be interested in knowing how you can help newbie coders that don't know
pretty much anything about how to handle circle code and yet have a really
genuine urge to implement a mud. The docs just say "Yeah right!"...  

I really don't mean to sound like I want to discourage newbie coders but
the only answer that I have found is:
stick to what you can do with pathches and detailed snipets and leave the
harder stuff for when you have developped your coding skills.

Of course this may be sound frustrating if some cool feature has not been
detailed very much or patched but just submitted to the list as 75% complete
and you need to customize the rest for your system.

I am particularly wondering how basic are the questions that one would bother
answering. Examples: 
-what do you mean by prototype?
-what is a player_special_data_saved spare?
-where do you put this function?


Mehdi Keddache aka Heritsun

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