Info on debuging.. Help me please.
Date: 02/18/97

< if (MOB_BLABLABLA(ch) < something) && (anythinggoes <= somethingsucks(ch)))

take out the 2nd parantheses for the parse error..
and dude.. im helping you out because this takes me 1 second to debug
and that its the easiest bug  in thebook.

 I strongly recommend taking a programming class in this language
and by the  b  o o k.   We really do not have time to debug your code for
you   since we have our own.  However... this mailing list was specifically
designed for harder types of problems that would be very hard to debug,
or perhaps stump others (for example.. my code compiles fine..but still
dont work).

  Also the list was designed for sharing code.. and exchanging with others.
Up comming events, occasional flames, and such are also on the list as well.

Please refrain from any other minor debugging stuff for awhile dude..
this will give people a chance to hopefully forget about your address and
efforts to newbie help.

  Just a recomendation NOT A FLAME..  just a piece of advice from all the
bad plublicity been floating around lately.

 :)  good luck dude.

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