[CODE][BUG] in MEDIT I think

Date: 02/18/97

Hi all

Darn, it's hard being without a line for more than 20 days, at least 
now I have it again. So let's misuse it at once :)

I seem to have gotten a bug in MEDIT, when I make a new mob, and want 
to save the bugger, the thing crashes. *KABOOM* and dead was the mud, 
*cry* but none of the other editors seem to have this bug.

Recently I've upgraded from Red Hat 3.0.3 to Red Hat 4.0. Applied the 
Patches for Races and Languages. 

Using GDB doesn't tell me much. Oh yeah, something like 
LIBC(blahblah). And then some : Error in ? at blah memory adress..

Argh, I've got more than 4000 mails, but I managed to delete them all 
(*sniff*), and just as I pressed the delete button I saw a letter 
called something with MEDIT-bug, Any ideas of what is wrong???

Please, please, pretty please.

/T-Rex is hopelessly lost here.

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