Oasis Fixes

From: M.A.Clubine (maclubin@adala.smith.cis.syr.edu)
Date: 02/18/97

Hi Everyone.  I've seen all kinds of messages going back and forth about 
Oasis, so here is what I have.  These may be added to the OasisFix 
homepage if you want.

I am writing to inform you of something I hve discovered using OasisOLC 
with CircleMUD 3.x.  I am not volunteering to debug your olc though, I 
have enough debugging to do of my own.  

Anyway Oasis hates null fields.  For example if you have a room with a 
blank extra description, or a blank room description, OLC will crash.

This also goes for mobs and objects.  If you have a blank long 
description, or a blank short description it will crash. 

I'm not talking just that one particular room or mob, I'm talking 
anywhere in the that zone file.  (the .mob file for a mob, .wld file for 
a room, etc.)

The fix?  Well stick a check for null fields in the OLC code.
Also, go through our files by hand and put anything inthe blank files.
(We originally put in "Blank" or "Empty" in the blank lines.)

Second fix - items not saving after the MUD is rebooted.

Fix - it's a bad file that wasn't created properly.  The biggest cause it 
that zedit new doesn't make the file the right way.  Haven't fixed zedit 
new yet.  Make the files by hand and dont use zedit new and you'll be fine.

Monroe - Eternal

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