Helping Newbies thread

From: Justin Rio (
Date: 02/18/97

As a newbie, I'd like to throw in my two cents worth.
Here, here! Walter, great Idea. I'd love to be an apprentice to someone,
just one on one.  Maybe someday (*gasp*) I can be a mentor. (I'm an
education major, I really get off on any kind of teaching).
I personally am not looking for "here, this is what you need to type" kind
of answers to my bugs I post. I'd rather someone gave me a more detailed
and explained siting of my error than the 1-line the compiler gives you.
Go ahead and shiver, but my only coding experience has been with Pascal,
and I don't hardly ever really know what the compiler errors are even
trying to tell me.  Course, now I've bought a C book, and I should be able
to look those up and not ask so much...

I'll shutup now.


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