From: Ray Campbell (goalie19@IDT.NET)
Date: 02/18/97

While we ar on the subject I just wanna put in my two cents.

	TSR, like AxL said has been, for many years now, trying to control
ANYTHING that even remotely resembles something to do with D&D. 
This erks me inparticuar becuase as a player of D&D, and also being
experienced with MUD's I feel that most MUD's, unless they say it right
there and then, are not based on D&D...Alsthough, I have to admit, I use
Drow for a race in my MUD, but I did not take the idea from TSR
directly, I took it from other MUD's, shessh, you figured if we bought
they're products it would shut them up and leave us alone, but
apparantley it doesn't matter.
	If TSR decides to attack all the MUD's on the internet because they
feel they are to D&D-like then I say we fight back, by whatever means
needed.  I really feel this is jsut a plot for TSR to make a little
money and get people to buy there products instead of sitting in front
of thier computers being addicted to our MUD's *grin* 
/* start subliminal message */
/* End subliminal message, have a nice day */

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