[newbie]coding a graphical MUD-map

From: Bruno Boettcher (bboett@erm1.u-strasbg.fr)
Date: 02/19/97


i wanted to begin to code a graphical map display (in java, since i already
made a java client application for circleMUD's)
but thinking a bit on it i have the problem on how to represent the MUD in
the parsing of the files seems already quite tough, the representation on
planes really hard...

so since the server has to represent the MUD somehow and since there seems
to already be some sort of MUD editor flying around (didn't find a trace
though) there should be somebody out there that could explain me how to
build a memory model of the MUD?
at the moment i will build a thingie that will trace the user movements,
since i do not know how to structure what i find there will be no dave from
one session to the other, but as soon as i know how to model the MUD the
known areas will be kept between session...

thanks for any help, and if you are interested by my client, mail me



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