Re: Small Note.

From: Gene Harrison (
Date: 02/19/97

> > Seems that everyone is fast to flame me but not help me, a few did give me
> > email saying that they didn't know or gave a little help and I am gratious
> > to them,  I know from reading this list that people are using it for Win95
> > and using the GCC compiler.  Could someone just give me the command line to
> > compile Circle Mud 3.X using GCC compiler?

Well first off, if your not adept at coding or compiling (which is
glaringly obvious by now) you should not be using GCC on a Win95 system..
Its an experimental port done as a special project rather than for
commercial purposes and you -will- have to make various code changes for
it to work properly.. The thing was designed for either a true unix based
compiler (on a unix system such as Redhat) or Win95 using Microsoft Visual
C++ 4.0.. I'm currently developing mine under WinNT being as i already
have the server up on a site running a Netscape Server.. I think the thing
that kinda pissed people off was your 100+ line message chock full o'
errors.. when you see THAT many errors and you know you only made one
change the error is 99% likely to be in the first 10 lines of the output..
Just spend some time on it, and if your using the stock version of circle
with no changes then the errors your receiving is due to your lack of
using Microsoft Visual C++.. 

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