RE: Small Note.

From: Erik Bennett (
Date: 02/19/97

At 11:47 PM 2/19/97 UT, you wrote:
>If you already have a C++ compiler then you qualify for the MSVC++ 4.0 
>Upgrade, which costs $199.95 (in the zine I have) otherwise there is the
>Microsoft Visual C++ Subsription Full Pachage Product, which costs $479.95
>and you get MSVC++, and the next two upgrades they come out with.
>If you can afford it, MSVC++ is probably the best way to go usin W95.

I got Microsoft C++ compiler v1.0, do I qualify for MSVC++ 4.0 competetive?
Will it compile Circle?  With that cost I think I'll learn C :)

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