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From: Jarratt Davis (
Date: 02/20/97

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> Hi all:
> 	I was recently adding some classes to my mud when I came across
> a problem.  I wanted the class to both skills and spells, but it looks
> like I can only pick one. In class.c around line 166 you determine if
> the class gets spells or skills, how would I make it so that the the
> class can get BOTH?
> Thanks in advance!!
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> Matthew C. Petty
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Theres a fairly easy fix to this (I noticed this problem and altered the
base code so that both skills and spells could be used in one class).
If you dont get any help, let me know as Id rather not mail you this solution
just in case someone else sends you a better one - Im not the best coder 
in the world, but I generally know what Im doing (ie. not a newbie).

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