From: Walter Goodwin (
Date: 02/20/97

> Hi all..
> Since I got tired of the practice command showing both skills and 
> spells in a clear mess, here's what I did to get the thing around
<major snippage>
> Only thing about this one, It doesn't sort the things alphabetically. 
> If you happen to make that, please send me a mail on 

This is one of the first things I changed when I was preparing to remove
classes.   First, go into spec_procs.c  and take a look at the function,
sort_spells, or somethng like that.  can't rember the name off hand.
to sort the skills and spells alphabetically, here is what you do.

First copy the for loop so that you have 2.  Then change the max level
to either MAX_SPELLS, or MAX_SPELLS+1,  I can't remember off hand how
the loop works, so use common sense,  then change the initializer for the
second for loop to whatever the first num for skills is. (I think its
MAX_SPELLS+1, but you should define it relative to MAX_SPELLS incase you go
in and change the code.

Now spells and skills are sorted alphabetically, and seperately.
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