[Code] Autoeq Snippet

From: Chris Rehbein (lint@jhu.edu)
Date: 02/20/97

(Don't get me wrong... it's a great feature besides, and I probably couldn't
code it any better!)  Especially about the save_char calls and the
ch->in_room calls.  My problem is mainly with the autoeqipping itself.  I
removed the line ch->in_room = 1; from the autoequip function, which was
causing me many problems (ie, two copies of the character loading up into
the game, one in room 1 (stock: Limbo) and the other in the
mortal_start_room) and the mud stopped crashing.  That was great, although
this ch->in_room had to be controlling something else within the code, for
now the characters are loading up with double the equipment (instead of
having only 1 sword, a character will load with 2.  instead of having only 2
rings, a character will load up with 4, etc.).  Has this happened to anyone
else, or is it just me?  Also, does anyone know this snippet well enough to
know where the bug could be hiding?



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