Re: [code] question about levels

From: Alex (
Date: 02/20/97

> How can i add level's...i have read the coding.doc, but i find it sort of
> vague....please help with a more in depth guide.
This is for everyone who has the strange desire to ask a question
on this list:

On the CircleMUD FTP site, there is an excellent directory called:

In this directory, you will find such exciting subdirectories as:
    win95   (Win95 Stuff)
    amiga   (Amiga Stuff)
    code    (Code chunks and whatnot)
    docs    (Documentation and how-to's)

Make use of the resource.  Then ask.

Also, learn to give each piece of mail a proper and relevant subject.

Alex, the list Nanny.
Erm... Yeah.  Whatever.

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