Re: I-net directions for NEWBIES

From: Justin Rio (
Date: 02/21/97

On Thu, 20 Feb 1997, Lew/Ryan Guthrie wrote:

> I read that file and i tried it, i mailed back telling about it and i got
> a responce.  Anyways i found it quite hard to understand unless you knew
> quite a bit about string arrays which he nor i did.  

I have never taken C.
At the time I added levels to my mud, I had cracked open a C book once. It
was borrowed, and I soon had to return it. Never got to string arrays, or
strings, or arrays for that matter.
I still did it. And I'm obviously NOT a coding guru, if you've ever read
one of my questions.

> Another thing is you
> don't have to go jumping down everybodys back for asking a question(not a

Did I tell you to go RTFM? Did I tell you go read a C book, if you don't
understand it then, then come back and ask again? That's what I've gotten
before, so don't say I was jumping down your throat.
Just cuz I'm curt and to-the-point, doesn't mean I'm an ass.


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