Re: [Code] The not-so-silent Admin speaks...

From: Doyle Tracy (
Date: 02/21/97

hmmm.... all very interesting ideas about the faq.  However, I thought I
might point out to those who complain that there is too much time spent
answering newbie questions that are in the faq;  they are mistaken.  I
don't see much time being spent on answering the newbie questions (how
long does it take to write "read to faq").  What I see happening is
everyone spamming the list with complaints about the newbie questions.
It would cut the traffic on the list WAY down if people just stopped
complaining and answered with "read the faq" or anything else.  I for
one have gotten much help from the list.  Not by asking questions, but
by reading replies to other questions.  A weekly mainling wouldn't
bother me, but come on people we're spamming the list (me included now)
with complaints about spamming the list; does this seem redundant to
anyone else but me?

Please direct any responses not important to everyone directly to me.

PS.  How about a respons like "there is info on that subject in the
FAQ,       try reading that then ask if you still have questions."

Thanks for your patience,
Doyle Tracy

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