[Code] ASPELL(spell_control_weather)

From: Darklord (mattm@Triton.cs.csufresno.edu)
Date: 02/21/97

  Ok.. the last snippit i sent in.. works.. except all you have to do is
replace all occurances of  "arg" with "tar_str"...  Now if you do not have
an ASPELL defined with the (ch, victim, obj, something, tar_str) then
it will not work.. so what you have to do then is..                                  basically add on to you
definition of ASPELL.. just add a char *tar_str to it.. and change all occurances
of it through out the mud.. there should be about 5-10.

  Then.. upon each tick (ie mud hour when weather gets updated) the spell
will alter the affects.. now..  I have modified my weather.c to be more
strict and realistic.. so it takes lots of castings of spells to change
the affect..  but it should work for yours just perfectly..

-Matt McLaughlin  aka Darklord  triton.cs.csufresno.edu 6666
                                    Bio-Hazard MUD Industries.

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