Re: [IDEA] levelless mud

From: Jason VanRooyen (
Date: 02/21/97

My mud is levelless, complete roleplaying.  First thing I did was rip
the guts out of all levels, xp gain, practice, guilds, etc.

The game is completely skill based, you learn your skills by failing
the practice.  To prevent players from raising their skills quickly,
I've put a half hour delay on the skill gain.

If you want a roleplaying game, I mean complete roleplaying, enough
of this hacknslash crap, you need a good world, realistic in all
respects.  Consequences must be there, an economic system, a political
system, and conflict.

If you want to see this type of mud at its finest, check out Armageddon.
It's at, no port needed but if you need on, try 23.

This is my inspiration.  If your interested in seeing mine that has
developed from the cirlce code, check out Hatijar Mud at port 9000.  You must fill out an online application
so that your character is filled out properly, because the only thing you
see are short and long descriptions of chars.  They are very important.
Also, get rid of channels, noone can roleplay with them if they can
talk to someone anywhere in the world and everyone is shouting grats!!!

Anyways, sorry about the spout on this, but if your looking for a new
experience in mudding, check out arm.  Believe me, if you like it
you'll never go back.
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