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From: Daniel Koepke (
Date: 02/21/97

Not to insult, so don't take this personally Brian or anyone else,
but please, try to make your messages more readible. One way to
start would be start using a period instead of elipses, throw in
some proper casing at the start of sentences, hell, maybe a comma
or two. It'd make it much easier for everyone to read and understand
your messages if you spent just the little extra effort to make
them nicer looking and easier to read. I, at least, would
appreciate it a ton more. Anyway, on to the questions...

On Fri, 21 Feb 1997, Brian Williams - Nashak wrote:

> other things altogether.. for one.. it only loads you in the inn
> if you type 0 at the menu.. I've tried save_char(ch, room) <room not the
> exact word.. but you get the idea> and a few other things but to no
> avail.. ok.. to the point.. first)
> I wanna make it load them in the inn even if they don't 0 at the menu, but
> also if they use 1.. 

I'm not following what you're saying, here...Care to elaborate?

> second)
> if someone is sucked into the void.. and loses link.. I want it to save
> them in their current room, so like.. if someone loses link in 12042
> and then voids... comes back 2 days later.. they'd enter at
> 12042...

I thought was_in takes care of this? But if you mean when players
get auto-saved or when someone in void is saved, you want it to
save them at ch->was_in, you'll have to change the code to make it
do save_char(ch, ch->was_in); for linkdead characters (!ch->desc).

> third) I want crashes to load them in the last inn they rented at..
> i.e. I rented at an inn in room 1059, came back in, and walked around
> for a few mins, then oops - the mud crashed on me..
> I enter back at 1059 when it comes back up.. 

Save the last place they rented at's virtual number, convert it to
a real number, and do a save_char() [which will convert it back to
a virtual, heheheh :)] at the inn. The player will load in that inn
provided they aren't saved in a different room before the crash.

> fourth) want corpses to save in crashes/reboots.... so i don't have to
> reimb every player who dies and the mud crashes before they get their
> corpse...

You'll have to write a file (in binary) that has all of the corpses
in it, load that upon bootup, and create the corpse objects. Look at
objsave.c for a rough example of what to do...

Daniel Koepke
Forgive me father, for I am sin.

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