CODE: Mail Problems

From: Shapeshifter (
Date: 02/22/97

        While someone was getting mail they noticed that there were 
unable to 'look mail' or 'read mail' and the reason for this was because 
they were wearing 'a suit of chain mail' thus the armor having 'mail' as 
one of its aliased names.  

        What would be the best way to solve this problem? I was thinking 
that I may be able to just remove the part of the code that allows 
players to look at an item on their body, but I am not so sure it would 
be a good idea. There must be another way that proves to have better 
results with less complications. 

         In the CircleMUD stock code it seems that is the item has the 
vnum of -1 (such as in mail, corpses, or others of that sort) they are 
unable to use 'examine 2.item' and get a description from it. Instead it 
only reads, 'You see nothing special..' - therefore making it somewhat 
of a burden to players. Is there a quick fix for this? 

        It was pointed out to me today that deleting a character may 
affect mail. I was told that this mailing list has delt with this 
problem before, and if you still have the solution about why this has 
happened I would be interested in reading it. 

        The complete problem is that a player deletes and the next 
player who creates a character ends up getting all the mail that is sent 
to them. Also related to this might be that when a player delates their 
equipment and alias commands do not delete either. Is there an automatic 
way to have player files whiped without running the auto-maintianace? 

                           Lord Kyu 

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