Re: [NEWBIE] Alignments...

From: Shapeshifter (
Date: 02/22/97

-> Why not just change the amount that each kill changeds the alginment,
-> instead of 1/16th, 1/256th or 1/1024th...  This shoudl be in the
-> change_alginment call..

-> otherwise there are MANY things you have to change, defines of alignment
-> objects and spells, set command, and a bunch of things my half awake
-> command is not remembering.

        Sometimes the simple change is not the one that has the better
impact of the game. For example, changing the alignment to change at a
given rate of 1/250 may be the same as making the alignment from zone
range of -15000 to +15000 but what the player see would still be the
same. In my time of mudding I have found that the players get some kind
of feeling to which they have power when they make their alignment
extremely high or extremely low.

        It may or may not change anything, though for some reason in the
simple based mind of the human it registers that bigger is better. The
change for how much of a percentage has already been considered. Thank
you for the suggestion though...

                        Lord Kyu...

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