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From: Shapeshifter (
Date: 02/22/97

-> In my mind, bigger!=better. Quality over quantity, I'm sure you've heard
-> more than once. Now, if you make alignment change slowly, then getting to
-> -1000 will be a chore in itself, thus, -1000 would be the ultimate evil,
-> and people would feel satisfaction at reaching that goal in their
-> development because it took them time. In my experience, players prefer
-> something fun and challenging but perhaps small, instead of something
-> large and kludgy that gets tired long before it's over.

        Though is it true for those of us who are looking at the game
through an aspect of coding and thoughts that most of the players do not
see, but what about the players? What are they going to see? Will they
even notice the change without it being of a different number. It may be
a pain to change all of those things, for some reason it changes a lot
of how the players look at it. I have been there for the comparison as a
player when one of the muds I spent a lot of time on.

        When this mud changed the amount of alignment change per kill
rarely anyone noticed and it was no big deal when they did. Afteer when
they set the alignment to a broader range people were hyper and almost
dying to try and reach the new alignment rates.

        From where I stand, I would have to agree that bigger is not
better, but from where the players are concerned, do you think they will
feel the same? There can still be quality with a higher alignment change
and thus making it more quality and bigger. Wouldnt that be better than
just one or the other?

                        Lord Kyu...

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