[default newbie summon]

From: Shapeshifter (shapeshifter@tka.com)
Date: 02/22/97

-> I have looked through the majority of the coding and i am trying to find a
-> way so that default when someone is created they are able to be summoned.
-> I know you can change this in config.c so ppl can be summoned, but that
-> also enabels pkilling and thieving which i don't want.  So what i ask if
-> for a little bit of code to help with my delema or a place to look.
-> Thanks.

        Isnt there an area in the coding that toggles things to be set
on whether they start onn or off? Like I know some MUDs have an adult
channel and most of them set this so for new characters it is off. The
new characters actually have to type noadult to turn the channel on. I
would think that the same type of code could be set up (if it isnt
alreadt set to be as such).

                        Lord Kyu...

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