[Oasis OLC][Code]

From: Robert Sinland (rsinland@erskine.polaristel.net)
Date: 02/23/97

	I was messing with Oasis olc and trying to figure out how to load a MOB into a room with zedit.  Turns out when I looked at the code in zedit.c there was a line or two with an 
sprint (etc) then some ansi codes  esc[H esc[J  then the menu list.
These ansi calls were somehow killing the first one or two choices of any menu that they were used in, so I took them out and recompiled, problem solved.  My question is what do they do and why were they there?  I dug in a book or two before posting this, but found no ref to  either of those codes as they were used.
Btw I cant make the little arrow thing here in this mailer, so thats why I subbed the esc in case you go looking at the code and dont see it in there.

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