Re: [question] (Playerfile corruption & conversion)

From: Shapeshifter (
Date: 02/23/97

-> I recently posted a letter listing some options on what to do, one of
-> those is to make a playerfile conversion utility, that converts all the
-> old playerfiles into new ones, with the 'right size' so to speak. When
-> that is done everything works perfectly again, and no playerwipe is
-> needed. If you don't do anything about converting the pfiles, you will
-> corrupt them, and need to do a pwipe.

        This would be fine, but what when you were to add races. It
would mean that those in which are already existing would either be a
problem, or be at a default (probably human). I guess it wouldnt be that
bad. You could always change the setting at the players request after
they learn about the new races. (shrug).

                        Lord Kyu...

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