Re: Game balance
Date: 02/23/97

Josh B. wrote:
 I mean, how do you know if a mob is too strong, or too
> easy, and is giving too much experience.  How do you know if a weapon is too
> strong, or the mud is too easy in general.  
 but what is the best way to ensure that the game is balance.  

One way to do it is to create charts. A chart for mob stats etc and for 
objects. To make a god mob chart you need to look at your player 
configs. For example you should look at the average dice for hit points 
per level for players and then base mob hitpoints from this. 

Creating the charts takes time and effort. . .then also they have to be 
used by your builders. 

Good luck with this. . and if anyone has better ideas please post em! As 
I too am always looking for new ideas to make my mud more balanced.

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