Re: [default newbie summon]

From: Chris Rehbein (
Date: 02/23/97

>        Isnt there an area in the coding that toggles things to be set
>on whether they start onn or off? Like I know some MUDs have an adult

In act.informative.c, in the ACMD(do_toggle) function, following the sprintf
that shows the list of toggles, there's a series of ONOFFs and YESNOs that
controls this.  If you want something to default to on (or yes) then it
should be: ONOFF(PRF_FLAGGED...)   (or YESNO(PRF_FLAGGED...)).  If you want
it to default off it should be ONOFF(!PRF_FLAGGED...) (or YESNO(!...)).

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