Re: [question]

From: Alex (
Date: 02/23/97

On Sun, 23 Feb 1997, Mouchie wrote:
> Specific as in something for a newbie me.
I haven't seen any other newbies have a problem with that yet.  Just
some little cleaning up questions here and there, but that document
is pretty well done actually (Thanks for writing it MrUnix, now where're
the rest of them? (= ).

> I don't know where to add the stuff that it says in levels.doc...
If I recall correctly, it lists almost exactly where each and every
section goes, file, approximate location in said file if it matters,
and so forth.

> and i just plain old don't understand some of the things that it says.
Pull out your C Reference book and try to figure out what each of
the lines are doing.  Worked for me.

Erm... Yeah.  Whatever.

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