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From: John Evans (
Date: 02/23/97

At 09:53 AM 2/23/97 -0800, you wrote:
>On Sun, 23 Feb 1997, Robert Sinland wrote:
>> 	I was messing with Oasis olc and trying to figure out how to load
>> a MOB into a room with zedit.  Turns out when I looked at the code in
>> zedit.c there was a line or two with an sprint (etc) then some ansi
>> codes  esc[H esc[J  then the menu list. These ansi calls were somehow
>> killing the first one or two choices of any menu that they were used in,
>> so I took them out and recompiled, problem solved.  My question is what
>> do they do and why were they there?  I dug in a book or two before
>> posting this, but found no ref to  either of those codes as they were
>> used.
>clear the whole screen no matter where you are). Be warned that some
>programs have problems interpreting ANSI codes and don't like clear
>screen codes. I believe it was posted here that a program called..uhm..
>I belive zMud or something similar to that erases the top line (or so)
>when it clears the screen. Dunno if there's been a fix for it, yet,
>after all, I don't use (read: despise) Win95.

Zmud did have that problem for a few version (4.2x through 4.34). The
problem was spotted by yours trully and reported to Zugg. That problem was
fixed in release 4.40 of ZMud and all subsequent versions. The problem was
with ZMud, not with Oasis.

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