[CODE] [Newbie] races snippet problem

From: Rob Clint (rklint@chaos.coredcs.com)
Date: 02/23/97

Ok I have been coding only a short time and put the race code exactly as stated in Mr. Williams' instructions but I keep gettting an error:

C:\circlemudbak\circlemud\circle30bpl11\src\class.c(420) : error C2143: syntax error : missing ';' before 'switch'

The code at this spot is as follows:

    ch->real_abils.str = table[0];
    ch->real_abils.con = table[1];
    ch->real_abils.dex = table[2];
    ch->real_abils.wis = table[3];
    ch->real_abils.intel = table[4];
    ch->real_abils.cha = table[5];
    if (ch->real_abils.str == 18)
      ch->real_abils.str_add = number(0, 100);
  ch->aff_abils = ch->real_abils;
switch (GET_RACE(ch))  {
  case RACE_HUMAN:
  case RACE_ORC:
  case RACE_ELF:
	 ch->real_abils.dex += 1;
	 ch->real_abils.intel += 1;
	 ch->real_abils.str -= 1;
	 ch->real_abils.con -= 1;

I know it is some newbie coder mistake and it is driving me crazy.  If the above isn't enough then I can send you the whole file if you like.  Thanks in advance.

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