[CODE] Macro help or other solution/ideas needed

From: Thomas Hansen (zed@imada.ou.dk)
Date: 02/24/97

Hi all,

I'm trying to implement it on my mud so that players dont know each other
from the start, and instead of a normal room description, they might see:

A human is standing here.

No, problem in that, now, if two players introduce themselves to each
other, they get to see each others names, and they should now see the
"standard" room description of the other person:

Botar is standing here.

Now, I've added a memory_rec to the player_saved portion of each player,
(ascii files, so no problem saving this) and made functions to remember
and forget players. What I now need to do is to add a check into the act
function so that if two players have notbeen introduced they see their
race instead of their name in all act's between these two players. This is
not too hard to do, but naturally I want to do it as efficiently as
possible, and I can't seem to think of a short and fast Macro that can do
this for me, something like  PERS(ch, vict) would be neat, so instead I
call a function to check this for me, and that's _a lot_ of function

Now, anyone think of a more efficient way of storing my information about
who this players knows ? (memory_rec uses id_numbers but is a linked list)
Would an array of fixed size be better? And would I be able to make a fast
macro that way?

It works as it is now, but I'm afraid its not terribly efficient as is, so
any help/ideas would be much appreciated.

Thomas Hansen

PS: thanks to sammy for the ascii file base :)

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