Re: [IDEA] levelless mud

From: claywar (
Date: 02/24/97

> Yes but the earth does have something that you can use for roleplaying 
> purposes : professions.  If you eliminate the class based system and go 
> to completely skills based, with professions, you've got yourself a nice 
> system.  I'd suggest making certain skills/equipment "profession only" to 
> give your players something to work for.
Whoa there, you're going on about two totally different things as if they
are the same.  Skills based muds mean there are no classes, meaning
everyone can learn anything assuming they have the resources to learn a
specific skill, for example, a baker may learn how to pick locks from a
thief.  On the other hand, "profession" is just another word for "class."
If you have a profession of a thief, then your skills would be related to
a thief, and what ho, you'd have what we have now!


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