Looking for Builders/Players for mud...

From: Josh B. (beavis@pcpartner.net)
Date: 02/24/97


I'm currently looking for builders/players for my mud.  The mud is strictly
midievil, and here is what I require of the staff:

Builers - Knowledge in OBuild, creative, willing to put up with drastic
changes,           friendly, works well with others, etc.

Testers - Reports bugs, willing to put up with random p-wipes, doesn't cause
too many
          problems :P. 

Of course this isn't everything, just some of the things I will require to
make the mud as enjoyable for everyone as I can.  If you are interested
e-mail me back here, or at ruiner@bittern.heron.org.

P.s.  If you have experience with Oasis, or some other online builders only,
and you still want to help, e-mail me and we can see if we can work
something out.



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