Re: Looking for Builders/Players for mud...

From: claywar (
Date: 02/24/97

> My suggestion is primarily: either don't use a historical time
> period or learn enough about your time period so that someone 
> else who is knowledgable on the subject will want to play your
> mud, too. It's very difficult to tell an educated person that
> your mud is in the medieval era when you have Rom and when you
> are using "Dark Ages" and medieval interchangably (different
> time periods, and the "Dark Ages" is a pretty much abbondoned
> term for historians, as it's inaccurate).

The problem is that when many study this period today, they see swords,
castles, and immediatly associate it with "Fantasy" novels.  This can be
either really inaccurate, or accurate (since neither you or I were alive
during that time).  Now I myself highly doubt the main focus during the
Medieval time period was to "rid the land of a more savage evil," unless
you are referring to your neighbor that owns land adjacent to your own.
So in agreement, I don't think that medieval is quite an appropriate term
to use, Fantasy <-- Thats what those books are called, and that should go
for MUDs as well.

Just my .02

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